Florida Agricultural Aviation Association

Established in 1965, the Florida Agricultural Aviation Association (FAAA) became an active participant in the agricultural industry in the state of Florida. The FAAA membership is comprised of 95 aerial applicators and operations located throughout Florida and neighboring states. These professional pilots are licensed and certified by the FAA and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Experienced in working with local authorities, each pilot is aware of the requirements and needs of their particular area.

The demands of an ag pilot’s job require the highest level of proficiency. Flying daily, ag pilots hone their skills with state-of-the-art equipment. Aircraft used by aerial applicators are designed and built specifically for working from airstrips in remote areas when necessary. With on-board computer systems, the pilot can apply an exact amount of material to a predetermined area with pin-point accuracy.

As a member of the National Agricultural Aviation Association, the FAAA has access to the expertise and knowledge of other applicators and related industries throughout the United States. Members of the FAAA are pilots skilled in this specialized field, and dedicated to maintaining the integrity of their profession.

First Row L to R: Harold Williams, Warren Curry, Unknown, Sig Lysne, Gid Townshend, Johnny Gardner, Kinky Orth 2nd Row L to R: Fred Ayers, Buster Christopher, Bob King, Jimmy Tinelle, Phil Rheams, Chuck Stone, Glenn Stevens, Tom Cobb, Carroll Potter